Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Ray Is On The Way!!!

That's right... another little baby Ray is coming this June! June 22nd, 2013 is the date our little one is supposed to be arriving!
And while the family was shocked, no one was shocked more than me! (Jen!) I have to admit, I was pretty sure we were done with our two sweet kiddos, but God had another plan, I guess!!

We aren't planning on finding out the sex of the baby, so sorry guys, you'll have to wait six more months like the rest of us!!!

As for the family, this is how we are doing:

Cecelia (5):
This smart little monkey is a homeschool whiz. Already able to do simple addition and subtraction (by herself!), she is also starting to read. Mommy teaches math, while Daddy teaches phonics. She can already sound out words, and when we're out at public places she always gives me the run down on how to sound out each word she possibly can!!
She loves to make up stories and color. We have quite an artist on our hands!!
She's also into her favorite of her Chanukah presents, her Easy Bake Oven!! She loves it, and it so thrilled with it (while mommy could use a few more lessons on how to operate it!!!)

Johannes (2):
This little boy is Spongebob Squarepants' biggest fan. If Mr. Squarepants is on T.V., you don't dare to change the channel until the episode is over!!
Johannes is a clean freak. I know right, my son??? Who knew!! He insists on cleaning up after he eats, making sure his hands and table spot are spotless. The boy has to have everything clean! (I hope it sticks!!) He also loves to "homeschool" when he sees Cece working.
He loves to help with laundry. He loves to load and unload the clothes and hang dry them. His favorite part of it all is pushing all the fun buttons on the washing machine. He is always saying "Mama me! Help! Me help!!" he is also fully potty trained!

Stefan and Jen:
Mama has been bed ridden from morning sickness and general heart palpatations and dizziness. Hoping it's going to go away soon so we can all get back to normal!
Stefan has put in for the DMV, hoping to have a nice, high paying stable job to get us into a house soon. We're stoked for the future and are looking forward to wonderful changes in our lives, including welcoming our third child in June!

We love you all and hope you have had a blessed season!!

Stefan, Jen, Cecelia, Johannes, and baby Ray


  1. Thank you for sharing, I'm so glad that you are all doing so well! Congrats on your third baby!!! That is so exciting! I can't wait to see what it is and the name :)

    Miss you and hope to meet your family someday! :)

  2. Thanks Liz! We are coming out to Utah this summer around my birthday, after the baby is born. (Late july) So then we can all finally get together!