Friday, May 4, 2012

A new life for us!

Johannes and his Daddy building the deck!!
Sweet Johannes :) What a cutie!
Cecelia and Johannes, she loves her little brother SO very much... There have been a lot of changes in our family in the past year and a half. Our sweet Cecelia turned four, our smart son turned one. We moved out from Wildomar to Morongo Valley, California. We bought our own fifth wheel, and we've been loving every minute of it! Jen works as a bookkeeper and Stefan is working on his own business and has been loving it out here in the desert. Johannes has been very happy in his new home....he can wander, learn and do all sort of boy things. Digging, mud splashing, riding his bike, and playing with his dump truck. He LOVES it out here, nothing like having a giant sandbox for a yard! He is so smart, and loving, constantly wanting to help nurture in any way he can. He is so sweet, and with that full head of blonde hair, what's not to love!! Cecelia is so very smart and loving. She loves helping out, doing chores, and doing dishes (she volunteers!) and she loves to dress up. She loves all her barbies, and loves playing in her fake kitchen outside. She is loving all the sunshine, and is already tan (and it's only May...) She is home schooled, and is wanting a little sister..... oy! More posts and pictures to come as we travel around for the summer!!!