Friday, December 10, 2010

4 Years!

Today, Stefan and I celebrate our four year anniversary.
We eloped four years ago today in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Little White Wedding Chapel. Most of our family was well.... sad.... shocked.... lol. We were in love, and are still in love today :)
Now, two wonderful kids and several moves later, here we are, back in California!
Cecelia is a happy three year old, starting pre school in the fall. She's very smart, loving to read books, color, paint, jump rope, and of course, giving kisses to her baby brother!
Johannes is very alert and active, and is trying to crawl (yes, i know) and he loves to talk and is such a great baby. He sleeps through the night, and is hardly ever fussy. We love our little boy :))
We love our kids, and we can't wait until the Lord blesses us with more. Here are a few of the new photos we had taken last week!! Hope you all enjoy them!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

- Jen

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  1. that is like my favorite family picture of you guys.