Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Recent Adventures!

Cecelia loves to play around with her doggy Bonita. As in this picture, lol. She loves to decorate her and put a lot of random things on her, like clothes and towels and dirty rags....Call it what you will, but I call it super cute. Bonita doesn't seem to feel the same. Haha!

And here it is! My very first crocheted baby blanket; made for the new baby in the belly. It took a little under 3 months to make (I was slacking off....) but it was worth it, I love it!! I'm making another one for Cecelia :)

Cece loves the beach. She also loves her dada. And her Dada loves her.... :) I just love this picture, so I posted it. lol.

Cecelia also got to go to Santa Barbara and see her Aunt Anna, Uncle Eric, and cousins Margot and Reed!! She was sooo excited to see Great Grammy's new house, and play with her blocks (we couldn't get her to leave them alone, she was not happy with us when we made her leave). She also got to go to Butterfly Beach with them and have a little fun in the sun!

Cecelia loved coloring/hiding/finding/talking about Easter this year. We had two little mini easters this year, we had a small one with the Ray's (pictured above) and then we went on a trip to Utah, where we spent the holiday with Jen's family.

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