Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cecelia's Sharpie Adventure

As the joy of having a two year old continues...we find ourselves at yet another Cecelia first. Sure, she's colored with everything from color markers to pens, but this takes the cake and then some.
After waking up bright and early this lovely Saturday morning, Cece stumbled upon the coolest pen ever. A sharpie.
After she somehow got the lid off....she doodled on everything from bedding to furniture to.....herself! Thankfully she didn't get us....
So, enjoy, and laugh, at my morning wake up call :D

Gotta love kids!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Know You're In Trouble When...

.... your own computer challenged father tells you to update your blog :/!
So here's an update! (Just for you daddy!)

As was said in the previous post, we are expecting our second child! We though he/she was going to be born in mid-October, but we came to find that we're actually due September 17th, 2010!
Today, I am currently 12 weeks along, and next week I will be in my second Trimester! So far it's been a fun ride!
Cecelia now is potty training! She poops and pees in the potty now all the time, and doesn't like to wear diapers anymore, she constantly asks in the car if she can take her diaper off so she can go potty in her toilet! She took to it quickly, though we had some pretty gnarly experiences... Every parent right now is chuckling :)
Cece also got to take her first trip to the Library yesterday! She got to check out her first book, which was a princess book that she picked out! But, we also rented a disc of blue's clues, so the reading is kind of obsolete right now.... haha!

Our next big trip to Utah will be in just a few short weeks! We're waiting for our tax return, which is going to give us a much deserved vacation! I'm pretty much counting down the days.....!!!

Here are a few new pictures of the little beauty Cecelia! Hope you enjoy them, we are hoping to post a family picture soon!

Well, we hope everyone is doing well, and please feel free to keep in touch via email/facebook/phone! We love you guys and God Bless!