Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July and Salt Lake!

Friends and Family-
We're happy to say we had a great and safe Fourth of July this year. We celebrated with our two great friends Chance, Pam and their son Calvin. It was a great day!
We started by going to Aspen to catch the parade (which we missed, lol) and then we drove up to Ashcroft, a ghost town up by Aspen. It rained on and off, but overall was great!!!
We barbequed, and had a blast! Cecelia loved the fireworks! She kept saying "WOW!!" she was super excited, it made the whole experience better.

The following day, we decided we wanted to road trip somewhere--- so we chose Salt Lake City, Utah. Since Nick and Stefan had never been (Jen lived there with her mom). So we drove to the Great Salt Lake-- which was awesome as well. The water was so clear (but it made the cut on my foot hurt...)
Overall, its been a great weekend!!

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