Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day at the Park

Cece and Mommy decided to have a fun day at the park yesterday!!! Daddy and Nick were working in a nice subdivision called River Valley Ranch in Carbondale yesterday, so Mommy and Cece tagged along!
Stroller and picnic in tow, they went to a nearby park called Orchard Park.
Cecelia loves playing outside! She eventually was able to climb up the playground with no help, and kept going down the slide exclaiming "WEEEEE!!" With big smiles on her face. She definitely wore herself out... We played for two whole hours! Afterwords, Cecelia really slept!!
We went to dinner with Anna and Eric Kulberg, and Cece had to be woken up for dinner-- which she was simotaneously happy and unhappy about...once she ate Anna's wonderful sphagetti, she seemed happy to have been awoken!!

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