Saturday, June 13, 2009


The past month has been nothing but adventure! With Godfather Nick coming to live here with us in Glenwood, to all our fun trips exploring the state!
We recently went to Marble, colorado, population: non existant. It is home to one of the largest marble quarys in the world!
Also- our second trip, but nick's first trip to South Park Colorado (yes, it exists...sort of.)
South Park City is an old ghost town located in what is now called Fairplay, colorado, just south of Breckinridge. I recommend going, even if you don't like matt stone and trey parker. The place is full of history, and its amazing to see (the tour is cheap too!)

Cecelia is turning 2 in October (YIKES!), and is starting to get potty trained. She's full of laughter and love, and likes to play with her awesome Auntie Emily! She also enjoys the outdoors, and playing with her aunts and uncles and various cousins.
She likes to play out on the balcony with mommy on a nice day (not often, since it's rained almost every day for a month and a half here in glenwood!!). Cecelia is full of life and loves to learn new things. She learns new words all the time and is a chatterbox. She's been saying 'ice cream' and 'popcicle' and when she doesn't anymore she says 'no moy-ee'. she even occasionally spins in a circle and goes "weee!!". She is so amazing!
Cecelia is looking forward to her first summer in Colorado. Overall, I think this is a summer we're going to remember forever!

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  1. holy cow is Cece getting big. I can't wait to see her again.