Monday, September 14, 2009

Our New Home

Dear Friends and Family

Hope this e-mail finds you well!!! We hope you are all in good health :)
As some of you know, Cecelia turns 2 in just a few short weeks (October 4th!!). She is excited, I think, as far as I'm concerned (once I told her she'd have cake and presents, she was all smiles!) She is loving living with grandma and grandpa up in Ortega Oaks (Lake Elsinore, California).
As some of you may know, our business is no longer. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we ended up shutting our company down in the middle of August. Since the close of the business (and some time before) we were unable to live stably, and since, we have moved back to California.
We are very happy living here, and Cecelia is loving all the playing in the dirt!! (so much for clean clothes!) And we're very excited to see where God leads us next.
Cecelia is no longer a baby...shes already trying to be an adult!! With talking, running amok, the temper tantrums and eating at the table like a big kid, she's on her way to being a toddler :).
Her auntie Nea bought her a Dora plate, which she uses at every meal (clean or not, she won't eat with any substitute!)
We have a new cell, so please feel free to update, and our new mailing address:
Stefan and Jen
32295-8 Mission Trail Road #429
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

We are having a little party here in California, but no party has been set up for a Utah date, due to family issues with Jen's family.

Please continue to pray for us, as do for you!

God Bless!!

-Jen, Stefan and Cecelia Ray

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi Ho...Hi's of to California we go!

Hey friends and family--

As some of you may have heard, we had to close the doors to our business, Pro Clean. It's all good, we're all doing okay, and we now live in San Juan Capistrano, California. We're living on a nice campsite called Ortega Oaks, just east of Lake Elsinore California.
Cecelia is loving all the exploring she gets to do, shes been having a blast. Shes not used to the colder nights, but she seems to be adjusting well!!
We will have picture updates soon. We don't have cell reception, but we have sparse internet. I try to go down the mountain often, so if you do call PLEASE leave a voicemail or I wont know you called.
:) Please, if you need our new number, call either my mom or dad for it!!

Please keep us in you prayers :))

Love and Peace,

Jen and Stefan and Cecelia Ray

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coloring, Bridges, and lots of screaming!

Even though the girls have now gone home (holding back sadness...) We wanted to give a final update!
We went to Canon City, Colorado, home of the worlds HIGHEST extension bridge!! Knowing well that Kenzie is terrified of heights, we drove across it. (Video up soon). The bridge deck hangs 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River, and the bridge is billed as the highest suspension bridge in the world. The Royal Gorge Railroad runs under the bridge along the base of Royal Gorge. The bridge is 1260 feet long and 18 feet wide, with a wooden walkway with 1292 planks. The bridge is suspended from towers that are 150 feet high. Scary!!!
Despite the crazy height, it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! The drive roundtrip was 11 hours....yikes...Kennadi did NOT take well to that. Ccce is used to road trips, but poor Kennadi didn't want to be in the car!!
In a few weeks, we're picking up Kenzie to take her white water rafting for her birthday!
Thanks for coming to visit girls!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mini Golf 'n' Fun!

We actually got a chance to go Mini Golfin!
Even though it rained a little bit, we still had a BLAST at mini golf. The girls had to be put in a stroller the whole time (she didn't like it so much.) But Stefan won, then Kenzie, then Jen, then Nick (haha). It was a great day!!

Hot Springs

We took the girls to the hot springs, and they loved it!! The girls got to experience one of Colorados golden treasures. They seemed to have a blast!
The little girls were having a lot of fights at first, but now seem to be getting along, and learning each others boundries. They now are inseperatable! They like to play together, its so fun to watch!
At the hot springs, Kennadi got to swim around to her hearts content! She loved kicking her feet in the water, and splashing Stefan!!! She giggled and laughed as she saw Cece playing around. Overall, I say the night went really well!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cousins come to play!

Today was a big day at the Ray House.... Kennadi and Kenzie Topham have ARRIVED!!
For the next 10-11 days, we will be playing and having fun non-stop!!!
So far, Kennadi has ate chocolate covered strawberries, pooped her pants, and got to go all the way to Grand Junction with her fun cousin (who is only two months older than her) Cecelia!!

The girls wore identical dresses with their hair done up in bows...they were unbelievable. They both slept the whole way there, and slept the same!! They go good together, those two. After they woke up, I turned around and asked them "How are you girls?" and Cecelia says "We Happy!!"
:) It was so cute!!

Look for more updates daily from the Ray Family with their visiting family :)

Day at the Park

Cece and Mommy decided to have a fun day at the park yesterday!!! Daddy and Nick were working in a nice subdivision called River Valley Ranch in Carbondale yesterday, so Mommy and Cece tagged along!
Stroller and picnic in tow, they went to a nearby park called Orchard Park.
Cecelia loves playing outside! She eventually was able to climb up the playground with no help, and kept going down the slide exclaiming "WEEEEE!!" With big smiles on her face. She definitely wore herself out... We played for two whole hours! Afterwords, Cecelia really slept!!
We went to dinner with Anna and Eric Kulberg, and Cece had to be woken up for dinner-- which she was simotaneously happy and unhappy about...once she ate Anna's wonderful sphagetti, she seemed happy to have been awoken!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July and Salt Lake!

Friends and Family-
We're happy to say we had a great and safe Fourth of July this year. We celebrated with our two great friends Chance, Pam and their son Calvin. It was a great day!
We started by going to Aspen to catch the parade (which we missed, lol) and then we drove up to Ashcroft, a ghost town up by Aspen. It rained on and off, but overall was great!!!
We barbequed, and had a blast! Cecelia loved the fireworks! She kept saying "WOW!!" she was super excited, it made the whole experience better.

The following day, we decided we wanted to road trip somewhere--- so we chose Salt Lake City, Utah. Since Nick and Stefan had never been (Jen lived there with her mom). So we drove to the Great Salt Lake-- which was awesome as well. The water was so clear (but it made the cut on my foot hurt...)
Overall, its been a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun Times Outside

While Stefan and Nick have been working super hard with Pro Clean, Me and Cecelia have been busy too!
Cece spends most of the day playing with her toys and watching Spongebob, Dora or Wall-E (Which she loves and laughs at!) and recently, I found a box of coloring stuff, and I printed out some Dora the Explorer coloring pages off of the internet so she could have fun coloring something she liked. Well...she loved it! She got to sit in her chair, and choose the colors she wanted, she was more than happy. It's been so nice and beautiful outside that we usually color outside where it's nice and warm!
Cecelia is talking more and more everyday, constantly saying everything we say. She can say every characters name in Dora, and know their picture. She's learning shapes with mommy right now, and we're working on the alphabet (shes so smart!)
We're really bummed we had to miss out on the California trip this week, we had no choice. We really are sorry to those who were expecting to see us, and we will be able to come out in September for Jen's aunt's wedding.
Thats all for this week, more updates later!

God Bless!

Peace and Love,
The Ray Family

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The past month has been nothing but adventure! With Godfather Nick coming to live here with us in Glenwood, to all our fun trips exploring the state!
We recently went to Marble, colorado, population: non existant. It is home to one of the largest marble quarys in the world!
Also- our second trip, but nick's first trip to South Park Colorado (yes, it exists...sort of.)
South Park City is an old ghost town located in what is now called Fairplay, colorado, just south of Breckinridge. I recommend going, even if you don't like matt stone and trey parker. The place is full of history, and its amazing to see (the tour is cheap too!)

Cecelia is turning 2 in October (YIKES!), and is starting to get potty trained. She's full of laughter and love, and likes to play with her awesome Auntie Emily! She also enjoys the outdoors, and playing with her aunts and uncles and various cousins.
She likes to play out on the balcony with mommy on a nice day (not often, since it's rained almost every day for a month and a half here in glenwood!!). Cecelia is full of life and loves to learn new things. She learns new words all the time and is a chatterbox. She's been saying 'ice cream' and 'popcicle' and when she doesn't anymore she says 'no moy-ee'. she even occasionally spins in a circle and goes "weee!!". She is so amazing!
Cecelia is looking forward to her first summer in Colorado. Overall, I think this is a summer we're going to remember forever!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Update

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Colorado! :) We thought it would be a good time to send out an update on our wonderful family! Here is how our family is doing:
Cecelia is now 18 months old! She loves Dora and Spongebob (whom she just calls "Bob"). Her vocabulary has grown immensely!! She can say "map", "Nick" (which is her Godfather's name), she calls kitties "ma-oh" (referencing meow), and she can also say "why" which means water or drink, and na-na is still food. She can say chair, book, and ball, and lots of other fun and exciting words (including a few we're not too fond of...haha). She also says "Horsey" and "Nay Nay". She really loves horses.
She is still an adamant Dora fan, and now is getting into Spongebob (Thanks to Godfather Nick and his wonderful fiance, Sarah!)
Last week, Nick and Sarah came out and stayed with us for a week! And, to say the least, Cecelia was MORE than excited to entertain her fun guests! We got to go to the hot springs twice, we got to go to the park and on walks, and we got to go on fun, scenic drives. (And of course, Cece made us read every book in her library!).
Cecelia was really sad to see Sarah and Nick go back home to Virginia, she kept asking "where Nick?" It was truely heartbreaking.
Cecelia has also been hanging out with cousin Emily Olson a lot. She comes by often and Cece is thrilled whenever she does. On Easter Sunday, Emily helped Cece with the easter egg hunt (but Cece seemed far more interested in ripping the eggs she had open instead of finding more...) But, nonetheless, we must say Emily is one of Cece's favorites.
Pro Clean is launching on Monday, officially! We got our EIN number from the IRS (everyones favorite people!) and we send out our mass mailer on the 20th. We've got all the equipment locked in, and now it's time to get to work! We're both very excited and grateful for this wonderful opportunity.
The snow is slowly melting (FINALLY!) and spring is slowly blooming. We've had a few freak snow storms, as well as 5 power outages (just in the last 3 weeks....) but I'm pretty sure that spring is here to stay!
Easter turned out to be a bittersweet day. With Nick and Sarah flying back home that day, Cece also got really sick at the Easter party. She ended up vomiting all over mommy at the party, so we decided it may be best to take her home and let her sleep. Well, the night was long, and after vomiting 15 times, around 7 we were able to go to the store and buy her some pedialyte, and since she has been keeping everything down. She has had a lack of appetite though, shes been really picky about what she wants to eat.
She ate some complex cheese at the party that didnt agree with her stomach. The poor thing was sick all night.
But, on a happier note, Cece is now feeling better (still just as whiney, of course.) and is up and playing again.

We hope everyone had a great Holiday, and we hope to hear from you all soon!

God Bless,
Stefan, Jen and Cecelia Ray

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We are terrible bloggers....aren't we?!?!

Okay ... so we're a little rusty. I mean, I used to have over 10 blogs that I updated daily, and now I can't even keep up with ONE....imagine that. Oh well.

So...we go on a trip to Utah tomorrow for the weekend to see my family! My brother's son Kaydon turned one today! It's crazy!

I'll actually put up pictures and all that fun stuff from the trip :)


- The Stefan as well as The Jen followed by the Baby Cecelia

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It seems everyone and their mom (literally) has a blogspot. So, I've decided that Stefan and I should have one! Just for fun (actually, we're party poopers and just want to fit in)